About V Shot Productions, LLC

Team Vital Shot is a universal group of hunters that encounter White-tail Deer, Turkey, and Goose hunting. It’s not uncommon to find us taking advantage of the Great Lakes abundant freshwater fisheries in between seasons, however, our true passion is pursuing the elusive white-tail deer during Michigan’s archery season!

What makes us unique?

Our show is truly unique in the sense that anyone can relate to our outdoor adventures. We show the world what any average hunter can accomplish and share some tips and tricks to help them be more successful in their pursuit. We are also strong believers that a trophy is in the eye of the beholder. This show is not just based on monster bucks or beard dragging turkeys, but real hunting no matter how big or small a trophy may be.

Team Vital shot excels in capturing solo-cam footage, which makes our hunting videos truly unique! This aspect of hunting adds many new variables into account while making a successful harvest even more gratifying in the end. Overall, being able to share our hunting situations with our friends, family and viewers is what continues to push Team Vital Shot back into the woods year after year!

​The History

Over eight years ago, we decided to take our passion and turn it into not only entertainment for ourselves but also for the rest of our fellow hunters. In the fall of 2012, we created a presence on all major social media platforms, created a website and landed our first show on public network TV. To continue to grow our brand awareness, we created our first DVD to sell and attend the Hunting Time Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our big jump came in 2013 when we increased the amount of members on our team that contributed even more heart pumping footage. With this increased footage, we created a 2-hour action packed hunting DVD and attended some of Michigan’s largest hunting expos. (Hunting Time Expo, Michigan Sports Show, Outdoorama, and the Hunting and Fishing expo). The growth continued into 2014 as the team decided to expand viewership on TV. Over the past few years, we have landed multiple local stations that cover the entire state of Michigan. We are now airing on 4 local ABC, NBC and FOX stations that reach over 2 million viewers. We also have joined multiple hunting streaming apps to make the show digitally available for outdoor enthusiast. In the fall of 2020, we will be making our biggest move yet and joining a national TV station. Look for our show Sunday mornings on the Pursuit Channel. What is next for Team Vital Shot? The sky is the limit! Join us on our adventure in outdoor entertainment as we strive to be a top outdoor show in not only Michigan but in the entire world!

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